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Category archives: Test your soul

  • Young, languid, anemic women belong to the Ferrum Metallicum type - pale and quiet, yet flushing easily at any excitement. Shortness of breath, palpitations and leg edema are their common complaints; menstruations are often painful and sparse. Now extremely hungry, now disgusted by the very sight... [read more]
  • Chilliness, obesity and sorrowful mood are the three features most characteristic of people of the type of Graphites. These are elderly, listless people, timid, lazy and inattentive, suffering from gluttony, constipation and sensation of "inner cold". Clinically, they combine the traits of two co... [read more]
  • Hepar Sulphur is a complex non-organic substance, and its constitutional type has a double origin - that of Sulphur, and that of strong alkaline compounds. The pronounced Sulphuric element is responsible for the emergence of multiple skin diseases, profound unpleasant sweating and the general yellow... [read more]
  • Dealings with people of chamomilla type are hardly rewardingthey are rude, ill-natured, quarrelsome and ever displeased. Their leading complaint is intolerance of pain with even the slightest scratch bringing them to despair. Usually, these are nervous, hysterical women, who become ill as a result o... [read more]
  • People of this type are tired and weak, exhausted by permanent loss of body fluids - either from hemorrhage, breast feeding, polyuria, ascites or excessive sweating. They have yellowish, pale faces with patches of unhealthy colour, deep sunken eyes and cold limbs. Palpitations and shortness of br... [read more]
  • This is a type of sombre, secluded women, absorbed in some deep personal grief, ever hunted by memory of past suffering and misfortunes. Mostly, these are pale brunettes with dark-coloured eyes and mat, fine faces, weeping much, but shunning the sympathy of others. Their grief, long hidden, seems... [read more]
  • These are irritable, restless people, lean and dark, with black hair and black eyes. They eat much, but are always hungry and fail to gain weight. Food brings relief of their complaints, but after the meal they feel worse than before. Often, they suffer from sudden bouts of palpitations, dizzines... [read more]
  • The people of the Kalium Carbonicum type look pale, exhausted and ill. They complain of weakness, fatigue and profound sweating, often resulting from chronic anemia. Their two most characteristic features are swollen, overhanging upper eyelids, and pricking pains in the right chest, radiating int... [read more]
  • People of the type of Lachesis complain of tension and hyperfiexcitability, manifested by constant anxiety, talkativeness, fear and palpitations. Their thinking abilities become now intense and clear, now markedly slowed down and depressed. Women of this type are characterized by jealousy, endles... [read more]
  • Wizened and wrinkled, looking worn out and old beyond their years, with minds active and young as if untouched by toils and age - these are the people of the Lycopodium type. Narrow ribcage, large hanging belly, atrophic lower limbs with distended varicose veins, hollow cheeks and blue shades under ... [read more]
  • The Magnesia Carbonica type corresponds predominantly to dark-haired, lean women - frail and extremely sensitive to cold. Their chief complaints arise from the nervous system - they suffer from spasms and convulsions, from neurological pains and toothaches, from nervous diarrhea and frequent inso... [read more]
  • People with fully developed features characteristic of the Mercurius Solubilis type present the clinical picture seen in chronic mercury intoxication - a picture of long-term, severe, unremitting disease. They have thickened, pale lips, either greasy or dry brittle hair, sparse eye lashes and irregu... [read more]