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Dealings with people of chamomilla type are hardly rewardingthey are rude, ill-natured, quarrelsome and ever displeased. Their leading complaint is intolerance of pain with even the slightest scratch bringing them to despair. Usually, these are nervous, hysterical women, who become ill as a result of some serious personal troubles or rage outbursts in their past, but often the chamomilla type may be found among young children.

People of this type suffer from severe abdominal pain at sunrise; like Sulphur and Pulsatilla, they complain of burning sensation in the soles of feet. Their pain is aggravated by warmth, but not eased by cold. Eating and drinking produce perspiration, and any excitement causes one cheek to become red, the other pale white.

Chamomilla is effectively used in the treatment of painful menstruation, abdominal and tooth pain and intestinal disorders; it can calm children and relieve pain at the cutting of teeth.

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