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Actea Racemosa


People of the type of Actea are characterised by a close link between their physical and mental states.

Mostly, these are pale, anxious women with deep, sunken eyes and bluish lips. Disorders of the genital organs lie at the root of their complaints, affecting their general disposition and everyday activity, particularly during menstruation, which is often painful.

Women of this type tend to be highly impressionable and sensitive, with no reason passing from joy to sadness, from laughter to tears, from hope to indifference and despair. The fear to go mad is constantly haunting them, as they are well aware to their mental instability.

Their complaints are predominately left-sided, with psychological and organic disorders relieving each other in turns. Typically, eating and fresh air produce an improvement in their condition. Pain is sharp, migrating and deep.

Actea Racemosa is used in the treatment of various gynaecological disorders, rheumatic disorders and diseases of the nervous system, including those males affected by work overload or excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks.

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