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Belladonna – woman


Exalted, dazzling, radiant with beauty and joy young women, with shining eyes, widely dilated pupils, fair skin and glowing face – this is La Bella Donna, the Queen of the Ball, with dignity and satisfaction receiving the adoration of those around her.

People of the type of Belladonna are easily excited and impressed; they feel intensely and deeply, but are unable to maintain their feelings for long. Being sensitive and receptive, they quickly reach emotional heights unknown to others. Actors, painters, musicians often belong to the Belladonna type.

The leading clinical features of these people are peripheral flushing and severe, pulsating pain of sudden onset and abrupt cessation; their dreams are colourful and vivid, with a predominance of red.

In childhood, the people of Belladonna are intellectually developed beyond their age. They have slender, fragile bodies and big heads, sometimes with mildly swollen lips and enlarged cervical lymph nodes. Usually, these are pale, bluefieyed blonds.

The Belladonna remedy is highly effective in the treatment of acute, rapidly progressing illness, and diseases resulting from severe psychological stress, such as fright or anger, presenting as nocturnal delirium with hot, flushed faces, cold limbs and aversion to water; the eyes are bloodshot and red, and the pupils widely dilated.

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