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Argentum Nitricum


All the mental and physical functions of Argentum – type people are brought into imbalance by their underlying constitutional trend. These people are tired and lean, with sunken eyes and hollow cheeks and gray flabby skin; they present disorders of all body organs – and a multitude of psychiatric complaints. All their lives they are in a constant rush, afraid to be late, overloaded with problems and cares, ever anxious and disturbed. Fear of altitude, with a barely resistible drive towards the abyss, is a common complaint, along with a fear of large crowds and sharp corners, which seem to bear down upon them and crush them in between. They suffer from dizziness, legs instability, insomnia. Constant worries make them irritable, easily angered and depressed, growing old before their time. They tend to experience bouts of melancholia and despair, with anxiety and fear of death.

Clinical complaints of Argentum – type patients are aggravated by heat and by sweet food, and during menstruation. Open air, fresh wind and deep pressure over painful area of the body tend to relieve their suffering. The aching organs seem enormously enlarged; the sputum has a specific sweet taste.

Argentum Nitricum is widely used in the treatment of nervous disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal and other body systems.

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