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Hepar Sulphur


Hepar Sulphur is a complex non-organic substance, and its constitutional type has a double origin – that of Sulphur, and that of strong alkaline compounds. The pronounced Sulphuric element is responsible for the emergence of multiple skin diseases, profound unpleasant sweating and the general yellowish, unhealthy appearance of the skin. The alkaline elements produce the features characterzing this group – weakness, apathy, tendency for swelling of face and lips, and lymphadenopathy.

As a whole, the people of Hepar Sulphur type are sad and depressed, with nocturnal exacerbation of their complaints; seldom, if ever, are they pleased with anything happening to them. They display an exaggerated sensitivity to pain, which may cause them to faint.

They like hot, spicy food and warm, humid weather. A characteristic finding is a transverse fissure running across their lower lip.

Hepar Sulphur is one of the most potent homeopathic substances in the treatment of suppuration and excretion of loculated pus.

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