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Category archives: Test your soul

  • The people of the Natrium Carbonicum type are listless, weak and emotionally unstable. They suffer from sensitivity to both cold and heat, and are quickly exhausted by physical and mental activity. Their appetite is generally increased, but food causes indigestion and diarrhea; often, they compla... [read more]
  • Eating is the first and foremost need for people of this type. They are ever hungry, and easily gain weight, although in an unproportional distribution, their neck looking strikingly fragile and thin, and the rest of the body widening out towards its lower parts. While eating, they sweat profoundly,... [read more]
  • The most prominent feature of the people of the Natrium Sulphuricum type is their striking incompatibility with anything having to do with water and sea. Living by a river or by a seashore, swimming, rain, changes of weather and high humidity - all make them sick, unhappy and depressed. Eating se... [read more]
  • People of the type of Nux Vomica are the people of business, overloaded with cares and work - inhabitants of big cities, forgetting the time of day and night, spending their lives at the office desk. Ever preoccupied and busy, they eat too much and too fast, drinking large amounts of alcohol and smo... [read more]
  • Phosphorus is a type of intellectuals, possessing lively imagination, highly sensitive nature and subtle minds. These people are tall and frail, with long, pale faces, light hair and narrow chests, as if grown up too fast. They tend to flush easily, with red spots appearing here and there on thei... [read more]
  • Arrogance is the leading feature of Platina-type women, whose overinflated self-confidence and self-esteem make all other people seem inferior and unimportant compared to them. Their reaction to external events is often exaggerated and unexpected, with a happy, light mood followed by inexplicable sa... [read more]
  • People of the Pulsatilla type are the quickest to burst into tears on any occasion. Usually, these are pale, weak, bluefieyed women, with light blond hair and fragile complexion. Though seldom really angry, they are irritable and often displeased, full of unexplained forebodings and fears. Unlike wo... [read more]
  • Total indifference towards business, family, friends is the leading emotional feature of the Sepia-type. Usually, these are lean, brunettes with pale or yellowish faces and blue shadows under dark eyes expressing sadness, boredom and fatigue. They weep much and tend to seek solitude, but all of a... [read more]
  • The main complaints of people of the type of Silicea are weakness, fatigue and sensitivity to cold. Most often these are women with dry, grayish skin and gentle, compliant character, who display a marked tendency towards depression, but can become irritable, willful and hard. Clinical findings... [read more]
  • People of the type of Stannum resemble patients with long standing tuberculosis - they suffer from chronic, profound weakness, palpitations, productive cough and exhausting nocturnal sweats. Any physical activity, even talking, produces severe fatigue; they never sit down, but fall on the chair, ... [read more]
  • People of Sulphur type are lean and bent, with dirty, grayish skin and a multitude of skin diseases. They suffer from persistent itching, eased by scratching, and profound, foulflsmelling sweat. Their hair is brittle and dry, and they have torturous distended veins of the lower limbs. Above all, ... [read more]
  • The most prominent feature of people of the type of Thuja is their skin - shining, greasy, deeply wrinkled, covered by warts, nodules and moles, with a specific orange - peel sickly appearance. Their lips are purple and fleshy, with a white transverse line, as if left by milk; the edges of their eye... [read more]