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Natrium Muriaticum


Eating is the first and foremost need for people of this type. They are ever hungry, and easily gain weight, although in an unproportional distribution, their neck looking strikingly fragile and thin, and the rest of the body widening out towards its lower parts. While eating, they sweat profoundly, and after the meal feel sleepy and weak. They drink much, but dislike bread and fatty dishes.

These people have faded, pale faces and greasy-looking skin, with multiple acne and blackheads. Their lips are dry, puffy and cracked, and the mouth – fissured at the corners.

Weakness and headaches are their common complaints; reading causes sudden blurring of vision, and prolonged thinking and concentration are perceived as exhausting. The mood of the people of the Natrium Muriaticum type is gloomy, tearful and depressed; they display pronounced melancholy and hypochondria, and shun the sympathy of others. In the morning they feel particularly weak and worn-out, while many of their complaints, and especially the headaches, tend to shift with the movement of the sun.

Natrium Muriaticum has a wide and diverse spectrum of action, including anemias, eczematous rashes, indigestion and disorders of the nervous system.

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