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People of the Pulsatilla type are the quickest to burst into tears on any occasion. Usually, these are pale, weak, bluefieyed women, with light blond hair and fragile complexion. Though seldom really angry, they are irritable and often displeased, full of unexplained forebodings and fears. Unlike women of the type of Ignatia, they are in a constant need of sympathy and support from those around.

Characteristically, these women complain of migratory pains in various parts of the body, constantly shifting from place to place. They suffer from cold weather, but seek fresh, open air, and in spite of dryness of the mouth are never thirsty. Their complaints are eased by movement and aggravated towards midnight. Another common finding is loss of the senses of taste and smell.

Pulsatilla is highly effective in the treatment of chronic venous stasis and diseases of joints, eye inflammations and various disorders of the inner and outer ear.

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