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People of Sulphur type are lean and bent, with dirty, grayish skin and a multitude of skin diseases. They suffer from persistent itching, eased by scratching, and profound, foulflsmelling sweat. Their hair is brittle and dry, and they have torturous distended veins of the lower limbs.

Above all, these people avoid water, since bathing invariably produces exacerbation of their complaints. They suffer from cold weather as much as from hot, with itching and burning much aggravated by the warmth of bed. Painful sensitivity of hair and soles is a common finding in them, and all their natural body openings (nose, ears, eyes) are characteristically bright red.

Sulphur is one of the most frequently and widely applied homeopathic remedies, particularly effective in the treatment of metabolic disorders and diseases of the nervous system and skin.

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