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Total indifference towards business, family, friends is the leading emotional feature of the Sepia-type.

Usually, these are lean, brunettes with pale or yellowish faces and blue shadows under dark eyes expressing sadness, boredom and fatigue. They weep much and tend to seek solitude, but all of a sudden may become irritable and excited.

The leading complaint in women of this type is a downward pressure in the pelvis, as if the uterus is about to fall out of the body. This sensation may be so vivid as to make a woman cross her legs to prevent it. Both men and women present a multitude of genital problems, eczema of the anus and the vaginal area being particularly common.

Other complaints include constipation, milk intolerance, migraine above the left eye with nausea, vomiting and morning exacerbation, and skin lesions alternating with breast diseases. The joints are pronouncedly weak, and ptosis of eyelids may appear. The sweat and the urine produce a strong, unpleasant smell, the urine being often bloody and dark.

Sepia is successfully used in the treatment of venous stasis, ptosis, and especially – diseases of the female reproductive system.

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