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The most prominent feature of people of the type of Thuja is their skin – shining, greasy, deeply wrinkled, covered by warts, nodules and moles, with a specific orange – peel sickly appearance. Their lips are purple and fleshy, with a white transverse line, as if left by milk; the edges of their eyebrows seem to be moth-eaten, the eyelids are puffy and inflamed. The hair is dry and brittle, full of scurf; long furrows cross the nails, which are fragile and soft.

These people are restless and fussy, forgetful and uncertain of the future. Psychological disturbances are characterised by fear of being followed and watched, and a peculiar sensation of having something alive inside their body, or someone unseen lying at their side.

Damp weather and the warmth of bed aggravate their complaints, while open air brings relief.

Thuja is effectively used in the treatment of urogenital system disorders, and particularly the results of long standing gonorrhea and non-gonococcal urethritis.

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