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Category archives: Test your soul

  • Exalted, dazzling, radiant with beauty and joy young women, with shining eyes, widely dilated pupils, fair skin and glowing face - this is La Bella Donna, the Queen of the Ball, with dignity and satisfaction receiving the adoration of those around her. People of the type of Belladonna are easily ... [read more]
  • People of the type of Belladonna are easily excited and impressed; they feel intensely and deeply, but are unable to maintain their feelings for long. Being sensitive and receptive, they quickly reach emotional heights unknown to others. Actors, painters, musicians often belong to the Belladonna typ... [read more]
  • People of the Berberis type suffer from various disorders produced by precipitation of metabolic waste products in organs and tissues. Their common complaints include crystal induced arthritis, gout and kidney and gallbladder stone disease. The colicky pains of Berberis posses a highly characteristi... [read more]
  • People of the type of Bryonia are dominated by their persistent, chronic disease; they are never happy and never well. These are spare, dark people with characteristic sickly yellowish faces and sharpened features. Above all, they seek rest, silence and warmth, but are irritable and easily angere... [read more]
  • People of the type of Brom are pale and blond, with light coloured hair and eyes and fair skin, often affected by multiple acne. Their prominent and highly characteristic feature is a relief of complaints at the sea shore, when a strong wind is blowing from the sea; whereas warm, closed places, h... [read more]
  • Calcarea Carbonica is one of the most commonly encountered types in the homeopathic practice, both among children and adults. Calcarea Carbonica children are flabby and plump, with hanging round bellies, big heads and pale faces. They have massive features, puffey upper lip and notched teeth, but... [read more]
  • This is a third constitutional type of the Calcarea subgroup, found both among children and adults. The children of the Calcarea Fluorica type are short and thin, looking far too old for their age. They have irregular, distorted joints with frequent strains and dislocations, and arching legs. The... [read more]
  • This constitutional type is largely associated with childhood. Unlike Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Phosphorica type of children are lively and gay, possessing highly developed sensitive psychecs. They are easily exhausted and react to physical and mental activity with headaches and intestinal cramps... [read more]
  • The Carbo Vegetabilis type applies to people who have reached the utter limit of their vital resources. They are pale and cyanotic, dyspneic, debilitated and totally indifferent towards everything around them. Indigestion with abdominal swelling and impeded breathing, and generalized venous stasis a... [read more]
  • The type of Cina belongs to the childhood, describing children infested with intestinal worms. Such children are stubborn and gloomy with either bright, flushing cheeks or sickly gray faces and dark shadows around the eyes. They cry in their sleep, make swallowing motions, scratch and shake and g... [read more]
  • Cocculus relates to people who work too much, fully exhausting their mental and physical resources. Irritability, dizziness and profound weakness (particularly - of the legs) may result from this constant state of weariness and lack of sleep. These people are bent and shaking, have difficulty to ... [read more]
  • People of the type of Dulcamara possess a special sensitivity to cold and humid weather, which produces in them all kinds of respiratory diseases, characteristic urticaria rashes, and diarrhoea. These are blond or red-haired men and women with white, freckled skin, and peaceful, phlegmatic dispos... [read more]