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The type of Cina belongs to the childhood, describing children infested with intestinal worms.

Such children are stubborn and gloomy with either bright, flushing cheeks or sickly gray faces and dark shadows around the eyes. They cry in their sleep, make swallowing motions, scratch and shake and gnash their teeth. Soon after a meal they are hungry again; an increased sensitivity to touch is a characteristic feature.

Not surprisingly, Cina is used in th treatment of most helminthic diseases of childhood.


  1. by Gabriele Sielmann on 07/22/2020  11:12 Odpovedať

    Oben steht "Cina", der Text ist "China".
    "Cina" is at the top, the text is "China".

  2. by Vladimir Petroci on 07/24/2020  17:57 Odpovedať

    Thank you for your comment, Gabriele. Just I do not see an error in the text. Word Cina is in the title as well as in the text.

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