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Carbo Vegetabilis


The Carbo Vegetabilis type applies to people who have reached the utter limit of their vital resources. They are pale and cyanotic, dyspneic, debilitated and totally indifferent towards everything around them. Indigestion with abdominal swelling and impeded breathing, and generalized venous stasis are invariably present, often complicated by skin ulceration, bleeding hemorrhoids and torturing burning pain.

These people feel cold and broken, devoid of either strength or will to move and to live. Cold and warm humid weather, the coming of darkness, fat meals and wine cause severe exacerbation of their complaints. Lying down worsens the shortness of breath, while sitting or standing aggravate the weakness and the dizziness.

Apathy and distress, hypochondria and indifference replace each other, and nothing can bring these people any lasting relief.

Above other homeopathic substances Carbo Vegetabilis is considered a “heroic” treatment, effective against terminal, chronic diseases, especially those of the cardiovascular, the respiratory and the gastrointestinal organs, and also the central nervous system and the skin.

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