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People of the type of Lachesis complain of tension and hyperfiexcitability, manifested by constant anxiety, talkativeness, fear and palpitations. Their thinking abilities become now intense and clear, now markedly slowed down and depressed.

Women of this type are characterized by jealousy, endless complaints and fascination with mysticism.

Clinically, their sufferings display a profound affinity towards the left side of the body and nocturnal exacerbations, making these people wake up in the morning sad and distressed. Their necks are remarkably sensitive – even the lightest touch of collar is perceived as really suffocating, and swallowing is often disturbed.

Lachesis is called a “homeopathic antibiotics”, being one of the most potent homeopathic remedies in the treatment of septic processes threatening the patient’s life. It is also highly effective in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and disorders of the blood-cell producing and the endocrine systems of the body.

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