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Magnesia Carbonica


The Magnesia Carbonica type corresponds predominantly to dark-haired, lean women – frail and extremely sensitive to cold.

Their chief complaints arise from the nervous system – they suffer from spasms and convulsions, from neurological pains and toothaches, from nervous diarrhea and frequent insomnia. Like the Pulsatilla type women they complain of dryness of the mouth, but are never thirsty, and have a constant need to breathe fresh, cool air. Often, they wake up in the middle of the night and are unable to fall asleep again, and in the morning feel tired and unrefreshed. Warmth and motion relieve their complaints.

The Magnesia Carbonica children look delicate and weak, shunning the company of other children and preferring to play alone. They are sensitive to touch, cold air, and cold water, and suffer from dyspepsia and milk intolerance; their skin has a distinctive sour smell.

Magnesia Carbonica is effective in the treatment of all types of neurological pains, insomnia and nervous diarrhea.

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