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Wizened and wrinkled, looking worn out and old beyond their years, with minds active and young as if untouched by toils and age – these are the people of the Lycopodium type. Narrow ribcage, large hanging belly, atrophic lower limbs with distended varicose veins, hollow cheeks and blue shades under the eyes all point to an extreme wasting of body-strength; but the eyes are clever and bright, revealing an undiminished intellect. Not surprisingly, such a discrepancy between body and mind produces various mood disturbances, so that Lycopodium-type people tend to be irritable and depressed, self-unsure and despotic. They suffer no arguments and are impatient and forgetful – but also witty and sharp tongued. Diseases of liver and gallbladder, relieved by movement and warmth, are their chief complaints, making Licopodium highly effective in the treatment of these diseases, together with rheumatic and metabolic disorders of the joints.

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